I will seek to fill my life with so much curiosity, creativity, and connection that walls crumble against

the weight of our delight.

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Gather & Connect

    I am available for graphic, web, and product design projects, small business consulting, as well as standard photography services. Below you will find all of the things I’m excited to be sharing this month!

Walk in the Woods
Mini Family & Senior Portrait Sessions

Meet me at a Hastings park to have a little adventure & capture your family in this season of life. These 30 minute sessions will include a minimum of 20 images which you will be free to share and print. Feel free to bring extra outfits to add some variety, and your pups are always welcome to join us.

November 12

Booya Arts | Open Studio Hours @ Artspace

Booya Arts is a new opportunity to gather and make art in a relaxed environment, come and go as it suits your schedule. Bring supplies to share, or just show up to create together. At this event, we will have a focus project of Mixed Media Family Portraits, but you are welcome to work on your separate projects! Snacks & refreshments will be available. 

November 27

Small Biz Saturday Maker Market @ Artspace

Explore the work of Hastings creators & entrepreneurs and shop for great gifts to share with your loved ones this holiday season. Refreshments will be available and Booya Arts will be on the scene to provide art activities for kids while you browse. Bring an art supply donation for our raffle & a chance to win a prize from local makers.

This space, my little home on the web, is designed to capture the work that I am doing, as I am doing it. This is not the curated selection of suitable portfolio pieces. This is the beautiful mess that is a life in progress. I believe that every drop is nourishing, every scribble, every mistake – all of my everything is woven into the intricate tapestry of my own existence. And you, as well. 

Welcome to the unfolding. 

All consciously-directed energy is creational & sustaining.

      Despite all of my best attempts at creating a box to contain myself, my clients keep finding sharpies to scribble out my labels, replacing them with whatever magic exists in the space between us.

I’ve decided to embrace it, trust it. This is not a job, it doesn’t have a handy dandy business-cardable title. It’s the undefinable and always unique energy when out-of-the-box people come together, and everything flows in the direction of holy shit, YES.




  Most are called to work with me without need for my tangible creative services. Full disclosure, I have no idea how to market my brain, though it’s the thing people want to pay me for. If you came here with your gut or soulbits telling you that you need me on your team – you already know. I just love big ideas, solutions, systems, and breaking things down to figure out how we can improve them, and how they can improve us. 


  Taking the energy we share, and expressing it in the world, is everything for me. This journey has taken me through photography, personal styling, staging, brand development, planner design, merchandising, website design, and more recently into more traditional art forms. I love to bring all of my skills to the table to help my partners express their messages & voices more clearly and authentically. 


  This new manifestation of my work is rooted in forming deeply rooted relationships, providing true care, and helping the people around me show up in the world in ways that feel good and sustain them. This is all centered on community, on the communion of souls, coming together willingly to uplift one another, and to simply exist as whole humans, accepted & encouraged in every form. Held steady through every storm.

all i want to do is make awesome things with magical humans,
and to help them trust in their calling

i wish all of this and more for you.