Wild & Royal

This was one of my favorite sessions – we didn’t have a plan, but if he had it would have gone out the window. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard during a shoot, as when the little one stripped down to his birthday suit and ran around the woods like the wild man he was. Minus the nudity (though bravo for that level of comfort) – this is what I hope for with all of my sessions, this is what I hope for when I ask for you to breathe, to just have fun and trust that the beauty will reveal itself. Not all families are The Royals – they are a special breed of wild fun. I don’t want your session to look like this one, I want this level of ease for you – and memories of this quality, that make you feel what you felt during our time together and where you were in your life at the time. 

Chaos & calm, bickering & giggling, upside down & inside out.

As you are.