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Rebel Hearts

First things first: rules are meant to be broken. The trick to being a kickass rulebreaker is knowing the rules, understanding why they exist, and understanding why and how you are breaking them. I believe in experimentation and play – I will try anything in my work to see what happens. I love to make messes, mistakes, and to find new ways of thinking.

Whatever you want to try – I’m here for it.

Set the Scene

After you’ve established the story you want to tell, you need to decide on the vibe – which incorporates your outfit choices, the location, and my editing style. I don’t have “a style” – my love of photography comes from stories, and I will edit in a way that your session calls for, based on your style & story.

You can work in either direction, choosing your outfits first and then picking the best setting for that look, or picking a location and choosing outfits that make sense for that location. Wearing a clubbing dress in the middle of wildflowers doesn’t make much sense, but it would be fine for a funky downtown location. We are (quite literally) considering all the small details of the bigger picture, and how they will all come together cohesively.

Another important thing to consider is how your photos will be used. Will this be sent out to relatives on a holiday card? Displayed as a canvas over your hearth? Be sure that whatever you wear in your photos makes sense for their purpose!

Comfort First

Regardless of how cute that dress is – if your toddler is not comfortable, it will not help them be at their happiest for portraits. Be considerate of the weather, how fabric breathes, how comfortable shoes are to walk in. We want everyone to feel good in their portraits, so they can shine.

Comfort is so much more than how clothes feel on our bodies, it is also how at ease we feel in them, how much we feel like ourselves in the clothing we’ve chosen. If you (or your child) looks fantastic, but is uncomfortable because it isn’t a reflection of who they are – those are not the photos we want to create. Get input from your family on how they want to present themselves, what they are comfortable with – don’t just stuff everyone into your make believe version of who they are.

Remember, we want to celebrate the truth of who we, and they, are – the genuine love we share.

Playing with Matches

To quote Ludacris (shhhh) “our time and our clothes gotta coordinate.”

I don’t love matching sessions – in my opinion it is boring. I do, however, love a well coordinated session – when the looks of all subjects & even series of outfits for a single subject, flow together beautifully.

You are each a unique individual, but you all belong together.

I recommend starting with a foundational color – neutrals tend to work best in this role, but don’t be afraid of going for something more bold! Then choose a complimentary color palette to weave into all of your outfits. Complimentary colors are not the same as matching!  That said, I love color, and this is a definite area where we can break rules creatively!

Patterns, layers, and accessories are great ways to work with color in really fun ways to create a cohesive, but not boring, look!

Coordinating is simple but not always easy – and that is ok. If you need help, please let me know, I love styling sessions!


I’ve already mentioned it – but accessories, accessories, accessories.

You can add so much flair to a photo session with just a few accessories. It is not uncommon for me to have a bag of random bits & baubles in the back of my car so we can toss a hat or blanket into the scene. Bring a bundle, and we can play with what you have to work with!

Style Guide

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