You’re preparing to enter a new chapter of life, celebrate your journey so far, and let your true self shine. We will meet at your favorite place, or a place that perfectly reflects the person you are – and spend time creating a collection of photos that help the world see you. 

60 Minutes | Minimum of 40 Digital Files


It’s an often overlooked phase of life. This awkward, sweet, rebellious, in-between period of growth – when we watch our children transition from little kids to little versions of the whole, separate humans they will become.

If you blink, you will miss it – so let’s preserve it while we can.

45 Minutes | Minimum of 15 Digital Files

Bloom Buddies

save money by hanging out with your friends

As tweens & teens, our friendships play an enormous role in shaping who we become – and I love to capture young folks with the people they share inside jokes, deep struggles, and secret languages with. Nothing helps kids feel at ease quite like dorking out with the besties. Bloom sessions can be used for senior portraits or just for fun, for up to 5 people!

90 Minutes | Minimum of 60 Digital Files