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I am not a copy writer. I don’t enjoy it. So here is what is true – I love average human stories so much it hurts my heart. I think that the histories we share are deeply meaningful, and that the legacies we are actively, and also often unconsciously, crafting right now are achingly beautiful. I want to create space to pause, to truly feel and preserve the now, as it is. 

Many people, when taking part in a photo session, aim for perfection. I’ve had countless sessions that I walked away from feeling icky, because parents had expectations that were out of line with what their kids could manage, with who their kids actually are, and I had to witness unkind parenting in pursuit of images that didn’t reflect our experience. It was such an experience with my son, 15 years ago, that first made me dive into photography – I took him to a portrait studio, and the images were fine, but the experience felt gross, the photographer failing to connect, seeing my child as a prop, not an amazing little person. The memories associated with those photos were not happy – and I wanted something different.

I challenge my clients to breathe, to accept everything as it is, and to trust me to find the beauty in whatever is unfolding in front of me. It is always there. I prefer to offer as little direction as possible, encouraging you to shake it out, to fall comfortably into each other, and then I will come in to make minor adjustments, if needed. If your kid needs to play, let them play. If they need to cry, let them cry. Instead of fretting about the perfect image you imagined, embrace the truth of you comforting your overwhelmed baby, of finding a quiet moment, of screaming at the top of your lungs with delight to break up a funky mood – instead of muttering demands for obedience or promising ice cream for a solid performance. Bring the ice cream! Let them be covered in stains, and tears, and laughter.

If your senior wants purple hair and clothes you hate for their portraits – let them. If they don’t want to smile, don’t make them. Whether they are big or little, let them be – whoever is with me is in a bubble, and we are practicing breathing, and being, and searching for common ground to connect on. Trust them, trust me. 

Really, this is a call to love them, as they are – to love what you have created, the human you have raised. Love them for exactly who they are: beautiful, imperfect, full of potential. Just like you.

A perfect session for me is one that I walk away from wanting to cry over how much I adore you, over the memories I will hold forever, of what I got to be a part of, and bear witness to.
The photos are a bonus – I want to create & share a moment with you.
Check out the Wild Royals for an example of my favorite kind of shoot: