The Multi-Passionate Manifesto

This is an important exercise that I wanted to do for myself. It is simply a touchstone, a place to return for a reminder, to ground myself in the ideals I value, and the philosophies that guide me in the work I do, and seek to do, in this world. It’s easy, when the path gets rocky, when obstacles crop up, to lose sight of where you began, and what you’re aiming for. 

I do not want to lose my way.

I prioritize the well-being, joy, and personal development of myself and my family.

I cultivate and nurture friendships that allow me to unfold with another person, free of pretense or expectation.

I give myself permission to freely follow my own interests & joy, trusting where the road leads. I facilitate this freedom for others, seeking to open doors & create opportunities for connection & joy, wherever possible.

I believe that through exploration, curiosity, and play we are able to reveal our soul’s purpose. I believe that when following those clues where they lead, we become our best & true selves – doing the work we are called to do.

I believe that all humans are inherently valuable, and perfectly & purposefully made for this world. I believe we all play a role, and that many soul-led roles do not fit within the rigid paradigm of modern productivity. I believe it is not my right or obligation to define or dictate the path of another, only to support without judgement, offer honest insight when it can be received, and to stay silent if I cannot be loving, construtive, or effective.

I believe that we must trust people with themselves, and the journey they are on.

I believe that every point where creativity meets passion is art, regardless of the form it takes. This is where our magic is – and it should be seen, celebrated, and nurtured. I believe there are no rules in the pursuit of joy & self-expression – except do no harm.

I believe that every person has a story to unravel, that is worth telling, worth documenting. I believe that the greatest treasures in life are found in the magically mundane, the unspectacular, the seemingly inconsequential.

I believe that children need space to make mistakes, to rebel, and to express themselves without fear. I also believe they need to know that they can always receive comfort, guidance, and love without qualification or performance. I believe that we need to trust them to find their way, and that fighting it pushes them away from the guidance & love they need on that journey.
 I believe adults need all of this, as well.

I believe that emotional intelligence, effective communication, and creative problem-solving are the most essential life skills, which are often overlooked in our society. I believe that when we deepen our understanding of ourselves, we can hone our voice to more clearly express who we are, what we hope to do, and what we need.

I believe we become more capable & empowered in doing so.

I believe that self-inquiry, and the persistent challenging of one’s own beliefs, values, and habits is imperative to a growth-focused mindset, and that through the process of conscious consideration, we open the doors of our own potential.

Changing your own mind is powerful.
I hope to never become so committed to being righteous, that I fight for what I have learned is wrong.

I believe that there is enough to go around, and that collaboration is a more powerful approach than competition.

I believe that voluntary, local, and collaborative community action is the means by which we improve individual lives, and the world. I believe that the provision of direct, personalized care is most effective when coupled with joyful generosity & genuine connection that recognizes the whole person, their real value as an individual, and the unique dynamics of their lives.

I believe that community is rooted in the in-between moments. Strong roots are not woven through shallow soil – we need more than the high-energy, low-interaction moments of well-attended events. We need quiet & silly moments, long conversations about everything and nothing, we need more than proximity friendships and casual acquaintances.

I believe that faith, in anything, is important for our spirit. I believe that any religion, spiritual practice, or philosophy that allows you to feel comforted, tuned in, and inspires you to be a force for good in the world, is the truth. I believe that religion, the sciences, and the arts all seek to communicate the same core truths to us, and we fight over interpretation, semantics, and ritual. I believe that at the end of the day, loving each other is the whole answer.

I believe that we must be aware of the legacy handed down to us, work to heal what has been damaged, and consciously create the legacies we choose to leave in this world when we go. I believe that we cannot allow blind allegiance to tradition to shape tomorrow. I believe that we have forgotten how young most “tradition” is, in relation to human history and the wildly rich & diverse cultural landscape that makes up the tapestry of human experience.

I believe that everyone makes mistakes, and that there is no shame in acknowledging that you have gone in the wrong direction. There is no growth without failure. There is no discovery without doubt. The bitter & the sweet, baby. There is space to celebrate and to honor, and also to be honest about harm done, and the need for repair & growth.

There is a world of difference between making a bad choice, and making the choice to do bad.

I believe that no person is a lost cause, and that most behavior that is perceived as negative is, in reality, rooted in trauma, whether directly, or patterns & beliefs handed down through the generations. We can give grace, practice love, and still maintain boundaries for our own well-being. I believe that we must first tend to our own well-being, and that nobody is obligated to support someone through their growth, if they are not equipped and willing to do so, or if doing so will cause them to suffer.

I believe that how I treat others is a representation of my own character, personality, and mindset, and not a reflection of their behavior. I believe that someone else’s behavior does not dictate, justify, or excuse my poor behavior in response. I choose to remove myself from situations & relationships in which I feel or behave out of alignment with my ideals – and to then address the root issues within myself that caused their behavior to affect my own thoughts. I choose to abstain from confrontation until I have fully processed my own emotional response to stimuli, and can define clear boundaries around what I am willing to accept.

It is not my job to fix others – it is my job to heal & hone myself.

I believe that many behaviors deemed negative (particularly in children) are misconstrued, and based on arbitrary standards, or compliance to a broken system not designed to serve the unique individual. I believe that we must look at the big picture to gain context, intrepret behavior, and address the root issue.

I believe that we must begin with empathy before we can ever arrive at a point of rational analysis & creating solutions. That we must meet people where they are, and give them space to safely work things out – rather than demanding that they abandon their thinking or change their behavior without addressing the root, while threatening rejection. I believe that if we are unable to show up for that work, we are not the person to help that individual find their way forward – and continued engagement is counterproductive, and may further harden them against the light.