The Mission

Some have expressed confusion about what it is I’m “doing” in general – and I get it – I “do” so many things, and it’s hard to pin down. For that reason, I wanted to carve out space on my site where I can explain what I’m all about, what I am trying to achieve, and how all the pieces come together for me. 

I am passionately invested in the human experience, in The Stories of Us & Magic in the Mundane.

All that I do is a manifestation of understanding, strengthening, and documenting the paths we take through life, in pursuit of the whole & joyful self.

I am on a continuous journey to encourage, support, and bear witness to the stories unfolding around me – even as I unravel and wind my own way through the lifelong process of self-creation.

The Purpose-Led Life

I believe deeply that we are all inherently valuable, and were each uniquely made to play an important role in our world. I believe that finding your purpose is an on-going evolution, and that taking action to answer the call is the most powerful thing we can do as individuals. I also believe that having your community recognize your inherent value, encourage your self-discovery, and support the things you do is essential for not only the individual, but for the community as a whole. We become stronger when we uplift others. 

Goal One: To encourage, support, and collaborate with those who are seeking to live life on purpose, to do mission-driven work, and to make a positive impact on the world. 

How this manifests in my work: 
Brand Strategy | Collaborative Community Action | Vision Board Gatherings | Workshops

The Path to Purpose

I believe that people of all ages should be encouraged to play, create, & follow curiosity wherever it leads. I believe that it is “purposeless” activity that allows us to stumble towards delight, and that delight is the key to unlocking our purpose. I believe that we become more confident & capable when we learn to make messes & mistakes, experiment with ideas & tools, test our own limits, connect with people who share or celebrate our interests, and simply allow ourselves to enjoy what we are doing in the moment.

Goal Two: To inspire & facilitate accessible opportunities for play, creativity, and exploration in my community. 

How this manifests in my work: 
Arts Programming | Community Events | Art Parties

Cultivating Community

I believe that we are better, and more powerful, when we can find common ground and collaborate to improve life for ourselves & those around us. However, I believe that a strong community is rooted in people coming together to simply be, in loosely-structured settings where we can find common interests & goals. I believe our strength is not found in big organized events, elections, government initiatives, or a pretty facade.

In the absence of accessible, neutral community spaces, we are limited to established connections and closed-community organizations (churches, classrooms, clubs), outdoor spaces, or our own homes – which limits our potential to break down walls and create familiarity, shared histories, and genuine care within a diverse community. In Minnesota, where weather conditions are often  unfavorable, this is particularly challenging. Children, especially, need space where they are allowed to be kids together, in their community, while having adults available to offer guidance and ensure safety. Without those community spaces, kids congregate wherever they can, with no guidance, and too often end up in unsafe situations, or causing trouble out of boredom. 

Goal Three: To facilitate the creation of accessible community spaces, where people can connect, play, learn, and grow together

How this manifests in my work: 
Collaborative Community Action | Arts Programming

Weaving a Legacy

I believe that we can learn important lessons, about ourselves and life, by looking to history. I believe that knowing where we come from, and knowing how the past impacts us, can change how we approach the world. I believe that the history we most need to know is not found in history books, instead it is the intimate stories & patterns of our own families. I also believe that learning about the histories of others allows us to deepen our understanding & empathy, extend grace, and find we have more in common that we might have known.

I believe that we must honor our elders, spend time with them, hear their stories, and document their lives while we can. This enables us to celebrate and build on the positive, and to heal & grow where necessary. I believe that we can each intentionally create our legacies – by living consciously, and doing our purpose-driven work – to create the world we want to be a part of. I believe that we do not have to be a notable figure for our stories to have great significance, and to be worthy of remembering – and that conscious legacy building is not rigid documentation, but developed with intentional & consistent connection.

Goal Four: To create opportunties for exploring family history, building connection, and documenting our stories

How this manifests in my work: 
Photography | Workshops | Family History Research | Estate Sales