Small Business 2023 Bootcamp - Launch Prep

If you are dreaming of launching or growing your the business of your dreams in 2023 – this six week, hands-on intensive can help you to get organized, strategic, and ready to take intentional action. 

The world, and entrepreneurship, looks wildly different than it did just five years ago. Today, there are greater opportunities for showing up in your work, getting in front of the right audience, and building your vision in ways that used to be unheard of. In this program, you will learn what you can do to create & seize those opportunities, establish your brand, and build a community around the work you do. 

The result of these six weeks will be a ready-to-launch business, and a tailored strategic vision plan – crafted by you, and designed to help you know exactly what steps you need to take as you build the business you actually want in the new year.

Ready to Launch?

The SB23 Bootcamp is a condensed version of the process I have utilized with clients like you for the past 7 years, as we developed & grew their business dreams. With smaller budgets in mind, SB23 is designed to help you DIY your business strategy & launch, while connecting with others on the same journey, and with expert guidance every step of the way. The six-week program will be in-person, in the Artspace Hastings Gallery, with two weekly sessions available to fit into your schedule. 

Tuesday PM Group | 6-8p
November 8th, 15th, & 29th
December 6th, 13th, & 27th

Thursday AM Group | 10a-12p
November 10th & 17th
December 1st, 8th, 15th, & 29th

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To ensure you are getting the 1:1 support you need, only five participants will be accepted into each of the weekly groups You will need, at minimum, a smart phone for this program – and I highly recommend bringing a laptop, if you are able. 

Program Cost: $250

The SB23 Bootcamp Curriculum

Week One – The Big Idea

Every great business begins with a big idea. Or so they say! Many actually begin with a vague, general sense of what they’d like to do, a small idea that needs development, or a quiet whisper of deeper purpose waiting to emerge. 

During the first week of the program, we will delve into your personal motivations, dreams, and expectations when it comes to launching your business, and create a framework for your strategic vision plan.

  • Clarify the Vision
  • Set 2023 Goals
  • Identify Market Potential
  • Outline Services & Offerings

Week Two – Get Real

How do you actually START a business? In week two, we will cover everything necessary to make your business “the real deal.” I will help you understand the reasons each step is necessary – and why some might not be needed right out of the gates, so that you can make informed choices that will keep you moving towards your established goals.
  • Naming & Registering Your Business
  • Where Your Business Lives
  • Tools, Supplies, and Systems
  • Building Your Team: Vendors & Service Providers
  • Vital Resources for Legal & Financial Aspsects of Business
*Disclaimer:  All legal and financial discussion will be based on my experience & observations as a small business owner & strategist. I am not a legal or financial advisor. This portion of the program will focus on directing you to the appropriate resources.

Week Three – All Vibes

This is where things start getting really fun! Your brand is every point where your business is experienced by the world – and it’s so much more than a logo. Learn how to show up intentionally & authentically in your work, and how what you make people feel when they engage with you is what will define your brand.

  • Find & Hone Your Voice
  • Establish Mission, Language, and Vibe
  • Crafting Experiences with Product & Graphic Design, Photos, and Video
  • How to Build a Strong Brand Community

Week Four – Tools of the Trade

In this loaded, hands-on workshop, we will build on the concepts from last week, giving you the opportunity to improve your skills (even if you have zero experience) in design, photography, and videography. We will also take a look at tools for managing your virtual presence, including creating a simple wordpress landing page for your new business. 

  • Intro to Accessible, User-Friendly Tools
  • Practicing Photography & Video
  • Graphic Design with Canva
  • Creating a Landing Page Website with WordPress
*Note:  This week, you will need, at minimum, a smartphone – though ideally you will have a laptop. There will be extra laptops available for you to use during the class!

Week Five – Reach for the Stars

You can have all of the ingredients for an amazing business – and it won’t matter unless you get in front of your ideal people. This week is all about marketing, promotion, and networking! We will begin by understanding the basic principles & rules of traditional and social media marketing – and then turn them on their head to tap into the power of cultivating authentic relationships in your work.

With a deeper understanding of small business promo, you will create a strategy that works for you, outlining how you will utilize local, regional, and social media networks to expand your reach over the next year. 

  • Local Networking Opportunities
  • Traditional Marketing vs Social Media Marketing
  • How to Encourage Word-of-Mouth Promotion
  • Benefits & Best Practices of Major Social Networks

Week Six – Strategic Launch

As 2022 winds into its last days, it’s time to think about actually launching this vision into reality. In the final week, we will finalize your strategic vision plan, and use it as a guide to create a one-month launch plan. Your tailored launch plan will help you to build on the momentum of the work you’ve done throughout the program, build excitement for your dream in the communities you want to tap into, and help you stay focused & confident as you begin you journey into the new year, and life as a business owner. 

  • Announcing Your Launch
  • Inspiring Support
  • Maintaining Momentum & Motivation
  • What to Expect in Your First Year
  • Social Media Content Plan

About Mich

As a lifelong, serial entrepreneur, I have spent over 20 years launching & growing my own businesses – and the past 7 years supporting other small business owners as they have set out to do their work in the world. I have been honored to partner with clients across the world, in diverse industries, and have coached hundreds of solo business owners as they launched their brands and campaigns.

With joyful purpose, genuine connections, and the importance of systems as the guiding principles of my work, it is my goal to help women find create their own path through business, doing the work they feel called to do, in a way that leaves space for life.

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