Resources for Wholeness

There are as many paths to wholeness as there are people in the world. Your path, and what wholeness ultimately looks like, is entirely unique to you. These are some of the tools that helped me find my way. I hope that you might find something to grab on to here, and that you trust yourself with it.

Websites for Exploration

Sometimes we are so out of touch with ourselves that figuring out where to begin feels impossible. At this stage, I think the answer is simple – just try things. Say yes to anything that offers even the smallest spark, explore it until you’re done with it, or allow it to take you where you never thought possible. Say yes, even to things that seem boring, difficult, or stale. Try an old thing in a new way. Just try


I love the structure provided by Skillshare, and dipping into topics that aren’t necessarily on my plate at the moment, exploring the potential of new things. There are many e-learning sites out there, and you can even hop over to YouTube to wander through millions of free educational videos.


If you are a social butterfly, or want to start making new friends and connections, then Meetup is a perfect place to start exploring different interests. You can find local groups for just about anything you can imagine, and most welcome you to test the waters with no commitment. 

Facebook Groups

This one seems fairly obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. I would be lying if I said that Facebook Groups have not had a huge place in my life. This is one of the easiest ways to stretch your legs in any area of interest, or simply observe, while requiring nothing from you. 

Tik Tok

With millions of content creators, there is something for everyone on Tik Tok – but that isn’t why I recommend it. Their algorithm is scary impressive. If you really don’t know where to start, spend a few weeks (not straight, trust me) scrolling without intention. The algorithm will figure out what hooks you pretty quickly. Trust the robots.


When I was a kid, I loved reference books, and opening to a random page to learn about something entirely new. Wikipedia is not only great for following threads, but for introducing ourselves to things we didn’t even know existed. It might seem silly, but you never know what you will find when you dive into a random wiki. 


This one is a bit different. It’s an app that will take you to random locations. It’s a little woo, in that you set your intention first. This is a really fun tool for a spontaneous adventure out of the house, and you never know what you will find within your own community. It’s also a great “game” to play with your kids, weaving stories as you wander.