Hi, I'm Mich

I call myself a creative collaborator, a job title I pulled out of thin air. I’m just here to lend my creativity, wonky assortment of tools and skills, my bottomless well of gumption. Because at the end of the day, the life, the project, the book – this is your story. I just want you to tell it. 

Latest Project

I live for a good story. 

I look back on my body of work, and the thing that strikes me more than anything is that this has been a beautiful life, despite all of the hardships and heartache found along the way. I am grateful for all of it.

And that’s kind of the point, right? Everything I am called to do is rooted in making REAL life as magical as possible, while also leaving space to see all of the beauty and magic dripping from every moment of our lives, no matter how dissatisfying, painful, or mundane. This life, your life – it’s a masterpiece. 

I get to help weave together the stories of our lives. In my work, I wear many hats – but the lining of every one is storyteller. Whether I am building a website, hosting an art event, preparing for an estate sale, or capturing your family laughing in the woods – I’m searching for the story in our time together, adding a sprinkle of magic here & there, and doing my best to help you communicate the truth of you to the world; as beautiful, imperfect, and as utterly worthy as I believe you to be.

The Ways We Create a Life

Answering the Call

Since 2016, I have been a support to artisans, small businesses, and mission-driven organizations as they launch and grow in their work. I believe that we are all here for a reason, and I love to help people find creative ways to fulfill their purpose, and to create community engagement around their big ideas. I offer a huge variety of services that I can bring into projects, from strategy & design, to product development and workflow systems.

Making it Magical

Experience design is the art of making a moment. On a mission to make life magical, I offer a wide variety of engagement services. I can plan full events, add extra tools/skills to your project, or show up to your community event with a fully independent program or activity. My experience includes parties, nature and arts programming, art installations & exhibits, as well as workshops and classes. I work with all ages and group sizes.

Weaving the Legacy

Your story matters, profoundly, and finding unique ways to document, curate, and narrate your story is a beautiful way to encapsulate your legacy.  In my work, I look to the past, present, and future to find the Stories of Us. My services include family history research, traditional, editorial and documentary photography, as well as estate sales/cleanouts & elder interviews. I also offer many heirloom products to ensure what we create lasts more than a lifetime.