Close Looking with Cal

A bit ago Callie brought me a rock and we were talking about it, talking about the details of it - a simple observation practice called close looking. While doing this, we got into a debate about the color of it - she said it was grey, and I felt pretty sure it was...

Move Aside, Wes Anderson. Fairfield Porter has entered.

I know, I know. How predictably hipster of me to love Wes Anderson. I'm thinking tonight about ...well, as always, a ton of shit that isn't related but gets woven together in my spaz brain. Just picture me waving my hands in the air, gaping like a drowning fish,...

Prototyping Life

I've always loved the idea of systems and routines. I've mentioned before (not that anyone is reading this lol) that I have a history of buying notebooks, planners, books, tools - fully intending to totally transform my life overnight. That's how it works, right? For...

Because You Can’t Not

I used really struggle with creating things - actually I didn't. I used to just not create things because I was so afraid. I slowly developed the habit, over the past couple of years...and in the past few months, it's shifted to the point where I am creating because I...

Allowing for Bliss

Yesterday I was feeling off - and I was tempted to call it a loss, curl up and watch Bones. Instead, I decided to get in the car, regardless of how I was feeling, and drive to somewhere. I didn't really care where. I quickly felt better, and we started following...

Evolution, Embraced

I have a total inability to commit to "a brand." This used to really bother me, but I took a step back and realized that in my photography, I refuse to commit to a style, and in my clothing choices I am all over the map, I love every genre of music, read books and...

A Place for Everything

In 2016, thousands of people downloaded planners I had designed. I couldn't use the planners myself, I was only good at organized thinking in theory. In practice, I couldn't maintain a simple intentional habit to save my life. How many planners, notebooks, systems...

Timey Wimey Stuff

Recently I started saving vintage photos to use as references in drawing. I've always been a bit of a history nerd, but since I started doing genealogy, the interest as reached levels of obsession - and using old photos of my own family as drawing references are what...

Life’s a Beach

For the past few weeks, we've headed to Wisconsin to spend time along the river. Last summer we didn't have our own vehicle, which made me reluctant to drive anywhere not essential. More than that, I was just generally depressed - I'm sure covid played a role, but I...

The Way We Emerge

Early on with art, my voice started spilling out onto the page. While I had no skill, I very quickly and obviously had a style, and more importantly, I was expressing myself in the work I was doing. The style was not consistent, and there were many times when it was...

What if you didn’t need to niche yourself down?

(she asked herself, with a hearty dose of hope)

Hereupon, Mich

 For a long time, I didn’t do much. I was interested in so many things, I laid claim to so many little nuggets of identity. However, the truth is that I was struggling against a chaotic mind that made everything a impossible, and in response to that chaos, I was also drowning in anxiety.

I talk a lot about rocks. It’s a silly thing to obsess over, but the truth is that so much began with wondering about the story of a pretty yellow rock I found in the desert. I began to accidentally turn curiosity into purposeless action. Up to that point, I only did what I needed to do to survive, and not without great effort. Since that point, in 2017, I have begun allowing myself more space to explore, create, and turn dream into action.

As someone who identifies as multi-passionate, and with a new ability to pursue my many interests with confidence and joy, I wanted to create a space to document that unfolding. I want this site to serve as a home for All The Things, without managing multiple social media accounts, being wishy-washy about business potential or brand cohesion, or worrying about whether or not “my audience” cares about whatever has captured my interest. Most of all, this is a tool for myself, as I delight not only in the doing itself, but in the process of connecting dots, organizing my thoughts, and finally being able to follow the threads of my curiosity, and coalesce all of the amazing things I find, in a clear way. 

The Multi-Passionate Mess

 In a world that believes in reduction, the easily-summarized self covered with gorilla-glued labels, I have never made much sense. Acquaintances & family have looked on with a range of responses, from a sense of mild amusement, to blatant disdain – there goes Mich again, with a new wild idea, which will surely be abandoned in a year or two.

However, as I’ve grown more deeply rooted in the truth of who I am, I’ve realized that the mess of willing wonder, the pursuit of my own curiosity, is not unique to me. So many out there feel limited and out of place in a world that wants them to be one thing, decided at 18, and thanks to monumental debt, committed to for life.

We are the finicky flakes, the vagabonds, the hobby collectors. Bless our hearts, it seems we are anchored only to the meandering direction of our whims. If you are like me, you know that it all makes sense. We aren’t merely flitting aimlessly from one passion to the next, but following breadcrumbs. We are ever expanding nesting dolls, collecting layers, skills, and perspectives – and failing forward, always.

The great challenge for our kind, I believe, is the abandonment of the self-judgement. The joyous surrender to our internal guidance system, crooked though it may seem, as we embrace our complex nature.

Finding the Way

Like most stories of birth and redemption, it began in darkness. Another bout of ceaseless depression had me in its grasp, and through the dark fog that had settled over me, something shiny caught my eye.

It was a rock.

As rocks go, it wasn’t particularly special. But this very average rock sparked curiousity, and the smallest ember infiltrated my melancholic little brain. I held the rock close and asked it, desperate for an answer the trees never offered, “what are you?”

It didn’t respond, but Google did. Jasper. Presented with a glittering desert full of average rocks, I became a perfectly average amateur geologist. 

The rocks did speak, however. They helped me begin to answer that aching question of myself, what are you?

The Art of Being Whole

 A couple of years ago, the importance of play became a focus in my life. I’d been spinning my wheels in hustle for so long that the idea of free experimentation, of just playing, had become not only foreign to me, but also terrifying. There is no time to play. I have a business to run, bills to pay, mouths to feed! I couldn’t fathom how to intentionally make space to just be.

As someone who has faced down crippling anxiety, and won, I am no stranger to do it scared.  So I began to say yes to my curiosity again, and in bigger (braver) ways than ever before. I researched play, as a tool for healing, discovery, and growth. I theorized that through play, I could become whole, rather than the superficial version of myself required to be a brand. I started drawing, badly, reading for pleasure, decorating my home, and pursuing the endless and pointless questions about life, the universe, and everything, that are forever streaming through my mind. I found myself reconnecting with the long-neglected inner child – not the broken & traumatized little girl, but the storytelling, always laughing whirlwind, who saw magic everywhere, including within herself.

There was a part of me that was (is) still afraid. I have been hiding, afraid of judgement, for the interests themselves, and for wanting to build anew, predictably being dissatisfied with where I was. All of this saying yes that I was doing was being done quietly, almost secretly. It’s time to come out of hiding, to trust in the world, if not to embrace me, to be incapable of wrecking me.

I would love to inspire others to allow themselves to become wholly expressed, to make space for all of their self. Even if there is no time, or budget – no, especially if there is no time or budget, as that is where it matters most. While I would love to inspire, connect, and dive deep into the concepts with others – this site is first a space for myself, to document my own exploration & creation, my own purposeless play. To fully give myself permission to be all the things, and stop breaking off my limbs to fit into boxes that just can’t contain me…new limbs always grow, longer and stronger. 

Join the Movement

I am reluctant (AF) to call this a movement. I am not an influencer, and have no interest in leading. I do, however, have an interest in bearing witness to others liberating themselves, discovering what lights them up, and choosing it. For that reason, I want to invite people to use hashtags on Instagram to document the journey into self-exploration and letting go of rigid boundaries and limitations.

There is no wrong way to be complete.

The thing I find most interesting is other people, interested. There is nothing like the sparkle in someone’s eye when they are excitedly sharing the thing they are geeking out on, so many details pouring out, punctuated with “Oh! And!! And!!” 

What is moving you?


The Whole Human Movement is really just a hashtag. My intention here is real life, hobbies, the things that we are reluctant to share because who cares? I care. I care about the beautiful mundane, the silly little things, the threads that lead to big truths, and to quote Binky, the “one night stand obsessions,” the rabbit holes that capture our full attention for a month, a week, or only until day breaks.


This is for the solo entrepreneurs and teeny business owners. You can be your full self in business. Niching down is an appealing (and yes, useful, when correctly applied) concept – but like so many things in the #bossbabe culture, it is misunderstood, misappropriated, and abused. When you are the business, it is a trap. We get so caught up in being on brand, strategic, and productive, that we lose track of ourselves. The hustle drowns the human in us. This hashtag is an invitation (and a justification, if you need it) to break free, to share more of yourself with your “audience” – to connect more deeply, more meaningfully. Not a clever manipulation of your whole self into a sales pitch, an on-brand curation of your “authenticity” – but you, as you actually are.