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Hibernation Habitat – Homeschool Art

Wednesday, November 2

Suggested Donation - $10/family

Learn about hibernation & the ways critters stay cozy through the cold months. Our project this week will be constructing a den, and creating cute felt creatures to live inside.

Some pre-made den bases will be available, so that kids can focus on decorate their den and felt animals, rather than construction. The dens are created by shaping cardboard and utilizing masking tape, which can be difficult for younger or impatient kiddos. That is a-ok! If you know you prefer to skip that step, please note which kids will need their den prepared. I will also have extras, just in case.

Note: There is a suggested donation of $10 per family for 2022 classes, to help offset supply costs. Beginning in 2023, classes will require registration & have supply fees.

Class Info:

✓ Please Arrive before 10am - Class will begin no later than 10:05
✓ Kids are welcome to begin exploring open studio supplies whenever they are ready - I do ask that parents help their kids be mindful during project time and discourage rambunctious play that may distract other kids working on their project. This does not mean that there is an expectation of quiet or stillness - rather, let's leave the running and screaming until after project time! Generally we can expect to transition from project time to open studio/freeplay time around 10:45/11.
✓ Cleanup will begin at 11:50 - please help your child clean up after themselves, and join in the team effort of cleaning up the gallery. Every bit of help is appreciated!

* Supply and/or funding donations are welcome*

Hi, I'm Mich! I'm a multi-passionate homeschooling mom of four (ages 6-17) that believes that curiosity, exploration, and play are the greatest tools for learning & personal growth. My goal is to create more opportunities for families, kids, and teens to play & create together in Hastings.

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