Learn to use a dremel

– no current action

Cannon River rafting trip

– no current action

Visit Florence Beach


We went! This was our second visit, and the boys are quite certain they hate this spot. I guess it will be a place only Callie & I visit.

Empty the last closet

– no current action

Learn to golf

 8/1 Dan got me golf clubs & accessories for my birthday!

Genealogy trip to Steele & Freeborn counties

– no current action

Organize the Garage

8/1 We spent today cleaning up the garage and made great progress! 

Make the Jasper Moon necklace

– no current action

Learn to play darts

(added 8/1) last week Shawn and I played in the garage and had a lot of fun being terrible. 

Create a product collection

– no current action

Tame the Pathfinder

(added 8/1) I’ve spent quite a bit of time and effort in the past month trying to tame the pathfinder adventure gear, but seem to have just made a bigger mess. I will be making another attempt to optimize the system this week.

Create system for organizing & taking action on ideas

– no current action

Visit Otto's Park

– no current action

Learn to use gauche paints

(added 8/1) – I bought Arteza paints for myself for my birthday. I have no idea what I am doing! 

Two Concept Sessions

– no current action

Launch these Sites!

– working on it 🙂