Artspace Fall Celebration

For attendees – if you would like to download images of you, please contact me!

Estrella Carter hosted a really fantastic event for the Artspace community – the stuff of dreams, really. I was thrilled to be invited to take photos of the event, and after I made the rounds with the camera, the kids and I had a blast. I am so excited to see this community come back to life again, and for the chance to be a part of it.

The donut challenge is now my favorite thing. As funny as the kids were – I don’t think I love anything as much as I love adults being silly. This goofy game filled up my soul bits.

For the kids, nothing really compared to the bouncy house, and it was the place to be. Again, it was so nice to see kids of all ages come together to be delighted by this simple joy. There were also lots of opportunities to make art – because of course!

Estrella’s family also provided some delicious fall foods, and there was so much good music and conversation. I’m just … well first, a little sad that winter is coming, because I want a hundred more days like this one. But also, so inspired and content after getting time to connect again, after too long feeling isolated. I’m very thankful.

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