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This session was so much fun! These girls were absolutely adorable and the weather was perfect. I left Hastings and made my way up to my old stomping grounds in Roseville for this session and I am so glad I was able to fit it into a very busy weekend. Miss Peyton just turned one, but she was pretty disinterested in her pretty little cake. Didn’t stop me from getting covered in gorgeous pink and blue frosting! Who can resist holding a cake covered baby? Not this lady. 

The Little Free Library was my favorite part of this session, as it was a totally unexpected surprise and Presley was in awe of her ability to choose from vintage holiday books. She was overjoyed when she realized the first book she chose opened up into a long train of pages. Peyton was not digging the grass on her little baby legs, but that book still managed to catch her interest. These are the moments I live for with photography – the unplanned wonder of childhood.