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Years ago, I had a shoot with miss Elianna at Spring Lake Park Reserve / Schaar’s Bluff in Hastings, MN. She is an absolute spitfire, and to this day those images are found in my portfolio, as they continue to represent the unabashed wildness and joy that I hope to capture in my child portraits. 

When I came back to Minnesota and decided to get back behind the camera, Janelle, Elianna’s mama, was one of the first to appear. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the clients from years ago reappearing in my life at such a perfect moment. It confirms for me that I do more than snap pictures, it is very important to me that I build connections and make genuinely awesome memories with the people who allow me the honor of bearing witness to the magical moments of their lives. 

It is truly amazing to see how these kiddos I work with have blossomed in such amazing ways. There were many points in the past few weeks that I have felt so moved by the connection I have with my clients, and felt really torn. It breaks my heart a little that I moved away and missed so many milestones for these awesome humans, but at the same time I have such gratitude for the fact that they are still here and still showing up with me to make pretty pictures and silly memories.