In web development, when you want a space where you can freely experiment and learn – you get yourself a sandbox, an isolated environment in which to break things, and grow beyond your current understanding and skills. It’s a place to do the most important work we do – whether you are an adult or a child – to play. 

I am a person in development, actively practicing the art of being whole. 

It is a messy endeavor to follow curiosity and pursue wonder into a life that suits you. To accept that development is a lifestyle, with no endpoint, is liberating and also hard to share in a world that believes in end products more than process.

I’ve always been in the habit of doing the big developmental processes behind the scenes, until I felt I’d reached a milestone worthy of sharing, that would allow me to pretend I knew what the hell I was doing. But I’ve fallen wildly in love with the act of unfolding, of becoming as a state of existence. I can’t hide until I am “done” – there is no done. Instead, I’m putting the mess on display.

Welcome to the sandbox, BYOB. 

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